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Tips for Buying a Luxury Apartments

NCR property market revives with the growing demand for residential projects in Noida. Due to price correction and several amendments in real estate law, home sales graph is increasing exponentially in the area. Also, reduction in home loan interest accelerate buying into mid to premium segment of the housing market.

Emergence of business parks housing corporate offices of many International and domestic companies catering to a number of industrial sectors. These offer high end spaces for office, retail and commercial uses in the thriving market. They have become more of employment avenues luring professionals to the place.

Moreover, approval of 7th pay commission for core government employees and pensioners is expected to push home sales in the region as real estate has always been their favorite investment option. If you are planning to buy a home or invest in residential property in Noida then it is good time.

There are numerous new launches offering a choice of apartment houses, luxury villas or arranged houses in gated community ventures around the area. Here are few tips to help you choose your home of dream faster in the city.

What Type of House You Need: You need to know your requirement first before choosing any specific housing tenure. For this, you have to keep your budget and financial condition in mind. Then comes the strength of the family. Small nuclear family prefer go with 1,2 BHK homes but in case there are more members then 2,3,4 BHK units in the mid to high rises can be a better option.

Builder & Land Approval: It is very important to if the property has all the approvals. Enquiring these you can de-risk your investment as you are going to pay big and all that hard earned money in purchase of property. You can do good research on-line /off-line to know if the information is true or not. Visiting property site as well as its builder can help you get clearer picture of the same.

General Utilities / Personal Preferences: Vastu conformity, interior design and lifestyle needs such as gym, gardens, kids park, etc also influence your choice for houses. Both apartment complexes and large townships with lavished master plan offer you huge plethora of amenities to meet your basic as well as luxury requirement within the development.

Location: Project site is the first thing which buyers enquire for while searching a property. Since the place is huge mainly bifurcated in to three major zones. The first zone comprising sectors 74, 75, 76, 78, 79, 119 and 120 with smooth metro connectivity are densely located areas. While the second pocket include the area across Noida Expressway connecting Noida to Delhi has many luxury projects. And the third area is of Greater Noida (W) also called as Noida Extension has many under construction projects. You need you just decide which of these will be best for you in terms of convenience and comfort living.

Smooth Connectivity: Wider roads, flyovers and highways / expressways with good transport facility have helped build conducive environment for residing and working in Noida. The fast developing Noida Metro corridor further ensures smooth connectivity are attracting working professionals across Delhi NCR. So do check for connectivity and accessibility advantages when investing in residential property. This is because good location always pay good rewards from higher returns.

Security Aspects: Present accommodations are fully secured within the gated campus. These have facility for filtered water supply, power backup, firefighting system, video door phone and CCTV at the entrance & common areas in the complex that enhance your living experience.

Price Comparison: When you are choosing a property do compare its price with other properties in the area. This will help you better negotiate the price and not over pay for the property. As it is an investment of a lifetime and you put your hard earned money for buying a home hence your decision will play a major role in defining your future benefits in terms of resale or rentals.

Home Loan: As you finalize a property, the next thing that buyer look for is Home loan, For this also they need to do a lot of market research and comparisons to reach out the best investment plan. Although many builders and their agents assist their clients in getting easy home loan at lower interest rates. So do find legitimate sources for home loans benefits and fulfill all your long term investment goals.

Affordable Real Estate Tips

Affordable Real EstateAffordable real estate tips include a number of things you can do to get the best deal if you are a buyer or a seller. There are many ideas for buyers, sellers and people with mortgages and you also have some things to think about before you take your next step. Affordable real estate tips are not hard to find and are certainly worth it. Here are some things to consider.

If you are looking to buy a house and given that we are living in turbulent financial times, the one thing to really think of is if you want a new house or a used one. A new house costs more than a used one. This is true. However, a new house has the advantage of being ready. There is no need for repairs and maintenance. The cost for you is limited to the cost of the house. A used house could cost less but you will certainly have to pay extra for repairs or things that you don’t like and are going to change. One must affordable real estate tip is to make an inspection to every room and calculate the extra amount of money you will need. Then add it to the price. Check if it would be better to get a new house from the start.

If you are trying to sell your house, there are a few affordable real estate tips you can follow that can benefit anyone. The first thing is to de-clutter it. Having a house that shows that it can’t hold the owner’s stuff is not good for the potential buyer. Make your house look tidy and as if it can provide a nice, cosy clean atmosphere. Another thing you can do is to fix things that are easy for you to fix. This means that if you have a licking faucet and you know it is not a bigger problem, you should fix it instantly. A buyer might think that there is a bigger problem in the pipes and be reluctant to buy it. Fix everything that you can. The buyer will want to inspect the house and if there are a lot of things that need fixing will be reluctant to buy it.

Lastly, there are a few things to consider for your mortgage. First of all, make sure you have a financial plan. This will help you in being certain you can pay the mortgage at all circumstances. Calculate an amount of money that you can afford for your house. Then calculate all extra costs. This is very important as many people don’t add costs correctly and they end up having much bigger expenses from what they initially thought. Don’t add amounts of money you are expecting to get as they may never come. After doing that, you have a limited but safe plan on how much you can spend. Adjust your monthly payments according to that amount. This way you will be sure that you can enjoy your new house or Affordable real estate.

Whether you are a bachelor who would like to have his own place, a newly wed couple who are looking for a house to raise a family, or a retiree who is looking for that place of solace where you can sit back and see the day goes by, scouting for a real estate could be your first step. Getting a house is a major decision because it entails a lot of money, thus you need to put a lot of thought into it. Below are top three tips for Affordable real estate buyers.

Tip #1: Choose a Location that suits your needs

Your property’s location determines the resale value of your home. Properties that have close proximity to schools, churches, hospitals, market, malls, and offices are among the most desirable. However, for people who prefer to have a more peaceful environment and smell the fresh air, you may want to choose a property that is located far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Exclusive subdivisions may also be a good place to start with if you are looking for a quiet place within the metropolis, but you have to note that the price tag could be a bit high.

Tip #2 Check the total area and the architectural taste of the house

Before you go on a house tour with your real estate agent, you must have a mental picture of what you are looking for, you must visualize your soon to be dream house.

• How many people will live in the house?
• How many rooms do you need?
• Do you have babies, kids, or an elderly staying with you?
• What is your style? Traditional, contemporary, Asian-inspired, country, etc.
• Do you want to have those extra perks? Swimming pool, fountain, koi pond, etc.

Tip #3 Live within your means

You have finally seen your dream house, a big mansion with Olympic size swimming pool located in the most exclusive subdivision. The question is can you afford it? Remember to check your pockets first to get a range of what you can only afford.

With the help of these useful tips, your dream house will be within arms reach in no time. Now that you are well equipped with the appropriate knowledge needed in choosing the location, checking the area and living within your livelihood. You will be saving a lot of your hard-earned money and also be saving a lot of your precious time.

Tips On Purchasing Calgary Real Estate

Calgary is one of the most modernized cities in Alberta Province in the south of Canada with several multi-cultural areas. The place is famous for its winter sports and thriving ecotourism promotion. The city is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The luxurious hotels, casinos and night clubs depict the modern culture of this city. It is also an IT hub and its economy thrives on booming petroleum industry. Agriculture in region is also a flourishing business. All these aspects have made Calgary as one of the most modernized cities to live in.

There is great demand for the real estate in Calgary. Therefore to get a house in the city may seem to be a tedious task. There are plenty of options for the public to find a home that suits their requirements, keeping in view their budget constraints. Buying a dream house is an overwhelming and most significant experience of one’s life. With various options and attributes to choose from, it gets very difficult to select the right property. The prices of the properties in Calgary depend on its location, facilities and connectivity with major highways. Here is a detailed guideline to be considered while purchasing your dream house in current market for Real estate in Calgary:-

  • Budget: Prepare your budget plan keeping in view your affordability range. Thereafter you can choose the houses within your budget. This allows you to be more specific and helps in decision-making.

  • Sort property listings (Offline/Online): Search property listings either through local contacts or online. Many official websites and real estate dealers in Calgary provide round the clock access to the property listings. Search vigorously and make a list of those properties which match your needs and budget. Always chose those locations which are easily accessible from your office, school, market and transportation hubs. You can always modify your search parameters and also sign up for e-mail lists of upcoming projects & websites of real estate in Calgary.
  • Neighborhood: It is always advisable to talk to the local residents of the area so as to know more about locality, privacy, shortcomings, facilities etc. of the location.

  • Finding Real Estate Professionals in Calgary: Hiring the right professional would reduce the search time as he/she would suggest those properties available in specific locations as per your choice, keeping in view your budget limits. Further, real estate professional in Calgary would suggest various options to secure appropriate financing from various resources as well as direct you towards adopting the best strategy for buying the right property.
  • Finalizing fees & terms: There are number of significant fees and terms for handling before finalizing the transaction of your property. It is always advisable to ask professionals for helping with critical details such as proper permits, inspection for electricity and water, legal transactions etc. Ensure whether the commission charges of the real estate professional would be borne by the buyer or seller of the property.

It is advisable to hire the best Real Estate Professionals through local contacts or online. With the help of these agents for Calgary real estate like you would be purchase your dream house at preferred location and price.

Tips for Find Real Estate Agents

Are you looking for buying a property in Vancouver or want to consult with a Vancouver real estate agent? Vancouver is a best place if you want to buy a property in this city. There are so many places from where you can select your desired place for a perfect accommodation in Vancouver.

Vancouver is so much popular for its natural beauty. Every year thousands of tourists visit this city to enjoy some holidays with their friends and family. Buying a property in Vancouver is not only a good option to settle down here but it is also a good option to do some investments. Finding a real estate agent is not a difficult task. You just need to make some extra effort for this job. It is not necessary to buy property in Vancouver through real estate agents; you can do this by your own. But it is highly recommended to consult an agent because he is the only one who can properly guide you to which place and which type of real estate property is better for you.

On of the best option to find a real estate agent is to search online for Vancouver estate agents. Through internet you can easily find your desired place or property you want to buy. There are many different websites that offer these types of services for the ease of their customers. These sites will not only provide you a better option for a real estate property but it will also provide some tips for the dream homes fast and without much hassle.

Normally, these agents are available 24 hours in a day. Mostly agents prefer to open their services in odd hours because they think that it is the best time to contact with other people from all over the world. The party in concern might be looking for homes to sell, townhouses, mansions, condos or the investment property market. There are some estate agents who only deal with specific type of property.

The Vancouver area has a wide range of places like the Burnaby, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, City of North Vancouver, City of Langley, City of Richmond, Commercial Drive, City of Surrey, Maple Ridge District, North Shore, Port Coquitlam, Steveston and also in places of West Vancouver like Yaletown or West End. The housing styles and lifestyles are also different from place to place.

Real estate agents will also help you to determine the price of that property you are willing to buy. For this purpose you need to spend some extra time because some areas cost more and some less, so this is another step for you to pre-determine. Vancouver estate agents can inform you more about this matter.

Giving time and money to the professional is worth it as it can help you handle within your need and specified budget.

How To Buy A Perfect House

Austin is the capital city of Texas, which has made every inch of Austin real estate. This city is one of the favorite places to live in. Everyone wants to live in this city because of the environment. The houses in this city are sold long before “Austin homes for sale” billboards are placed in them. This is the hub of many renowned companies in the USA. These companies are high-tech, some of the companies are; Google, Apple, Applied Materials, Dell, eBay, IBM, Intel Corporation, Samsung group, Silicon laboratories and many such companies, because of these companies the real Estate is at very good position. If someone wants to sell his/her house, then he/she does not need to worry because the houses are sold long before they want to go for the billboards.

One has to go for the real estate sale to buy a beautiful house. Many brokers will provide an individual, an opportunity to see the houses available for sale, then after seeing the house he/she can decide if they wants to buy or not. The rates of the Austin estate sales have gone very high because of the presence of these high-tech companies, as compared to other real estate in Texas, USA. The price of all the shares, the stock exchange and real estate market Austin real estate have one of the bigger area for the investors to invest. Here in the city, there are many other companies also like, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. This is the place where one can make their dreams come true, because of the companies which produce so much of employment. If you are living in the state Texas, then you can reap the benefits of the real estate sale in Texas. Here are some tips one has to consider before looking for the house in the Texas. These will help him/her to have a beautiful and comfortable house in this tech-hub.

  • One should check the neighborhood of the house. This is something that anyone will tell you to check because you are going to stay there and with the people around. You can meet your neighbors if you feel so, and check whether the neighbors are suitable for you or not.
  • One should first consider the brokers of the real estate, then they will suggest you which place is suitable for you or not. Brokers will help you to take the house which is in your budget and also help you to have the house which suitable for you and from where you can go to your job.
  • Once you take the house, then must call for the house inspector for the inspection of the house. He will tell you that if your house needs any fixes or not. He will also tell you if the house is in the perfect place to stay or not. He will stay in your house for the whole day and will make a report which will cover all the aspects of the ownership.

Follow these tips, it will help you have the beautiful place or to stay in a house. One must take help of the broker, he will show you some perfect houses to see and after that you can decide which place is better for you.

Find The Money Making Tips For Landlords

I am a big fan of holding property with a long horizon.  Whether you like rentals or not, it is one investment, that given enough time, will always produce for you.  There are limited amounts of it, and people need a place to live.  All real assets will do well over time, which is why I believe it is much safer than stocks, bonds, or other paper assets.  With that said, it is good to diversify, and I am not saying pour all of your money into rentals; but I am saying if you are not in the game you are making it tougher on your future.

If you are going to hold rentals, or you already are, it is important to do the best you can to get the most benefit you can.  Here are 5 tips I have learned over the years to improve your profits.

  1. Negotiate with the deposit
  2. Make the tenant pay the water
  3. Use rent to own to reduce maintenance costs
  4. Use an off-white semi-gloss paint
  5. De-carpet your units

Negotiate with the deposit

When a qualified tenant prospect needs to negotiate to move into your rental, always negotiate the deposit and never the rent.  The deposit is their money, so if you end up taking a little less it won’t affect your profit.   Most tenants worry about how much money they need, not how the money is applied, so if you take the deposit in payments or take less, they are normally thrilled and grateful. This is also a great way to increase cash flow on a rent to own.  Always ask for more option money than the tenant has so you can take some of it in payments.  This should increase your monthly cash flow on each rent to own by $100 or more.

Make the tenant pay the water

This has been a tough one for me because I was taught, and always believed, that tenants expect the landlord to pay the water.  I think I was taught this because the water company is the only utility provider that can place a lien for non-payment.   The truth is most tenants will pay their own water, even if it is not a rent to own.  It is becoming more common and will be a huge difference to your bottom line.  The fact that the water company can lien your property should not scare you.   Think about it… what is the worst that can happen?  You need to pay the water bill?

Use rent to own to reduce maintenance costs

I love rent to own.   I talk about this a lot in my book, “The 45 Day Investor”. One of the reasons I love rent to own is because it can almost eliminate maintenance costs and headaches.  The gurus will tell you that it doesn’t eliminate maintenance issues, but that is just not true.  There is always a chance the tenant will ask for your help to pay for something, but it does eliminate a lot of the problems and the tenant will take better care of the property so there will be less damage.

Use an off-white semi-gloss paint

When I was going through the process of building my home, I did not even think about what kind of paint the builder would be using.  I picked out the color I wanted and that was that.  Well, once I moved in I realized the entire house is painted with a flat paint.  It makes sense because it is the cheapest to buy, but with two little girls running around it was the wrong paint to use.  My youngest, Lexi, loves to draw on the walls. I cannot figure out how to stop her from doing this, or how she is finding the markers she uses.  Maybe her older sister is in on the game?  The point is, even washable markers do not come off of a flat paint.  When you try to clean it you rub the paint right off.  Had it been semi-gloss or even an eggshell, the markings would wipe right off and we would not be forced to touch up the paint.  Think about how nice it would be to go into your rental once a tenant moves out and just clean the walls and not worry about repainting each time.  Semi-gloss is the easiest to clean.